By Peter Stern

I’m deep into my second decade installing solar in southern California. However, as electricity prices have skyrocketed, I’ve never seen it as bad as it’s become over the past 3 or 4 years. What am I referring to? Powerphobia – The fear of using one’s electric power.

Now, more than ever before, we run into homeowners that are absolutely terrified to turn on their air conditioning in the summer, or to turn on their heat in the winter. They fear running the pumps in their pools and Jacuzzis, and heating their hot tubs. They avoid entertaining guests at their homes during the holidays, or having visitors stay with them from out of town. The list goes on and on, and its all out of fear of how much it will cost them when their electric bill arrives at the end of the month; Powerphobia.

People are setting restrictions on their spouse’s and kid’s daily electricity use. They are setting alerts to remind themselves to only use their washers and dryers and dishwashers in the middle of the night. They are shutting down and sealing off entire sections of their house. They are turning over control of their home’s HVAC systems to their local utility company and allowing them to shut down their air conditioning at will. There are even some that are literally selling their family homes because of their fear that they won’t be able to afford their monthly utility bills anymore.

These are not exaggerations. It’s Powerphobia.

That is why years ago I coined the phrase “solar is a lifestyle decision”, and its never been truer than it is today. Even more than saving money, Solar & Storage is a decision about how you want to live. That’s because Solar & Storage gives you the freedom to use your electricity when you want, for whatever you want, and to choose how much you want to use, without concern about cost.

So now the only question is whether you’re going to continue to buy electricity from your local utility company and live like a goat herder in a cave deep in the mountains of Afghanistan (which is to say, without the luxury of using your electric powered appliances), or if you’re going to take advantage of the freedom that Solar & Storage offers you to live more comfortably, as you once did, and enjoy all of the modern luxuries that are available to you. Ironically, it costs less anyway, so it would be foolish not to advantage of the more luxurious lifestyle that Solar & Storage offers.

Most of the systems that we install for our customers pay for themselves in a few short years, however, they can provide power for decades beyond that. And for those who choose to install Solar & Storage with no money down, as many people do, the monthly payments are usually a fraction of what you’d pay to your utility company, and the monthly payments never increase, unlike utility provided electricity which increases every year. Additionally, once a Solar & Storage system is fully paid for you can enjoy years, and in many cases, decades of free electricity beyond that.

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of homeowners cure themselves of their Powerphobia, and free themselves from the primitive lifestyle they’ve been trapped in by highly electricity prices. I’ve helped them live a more comfortable and luxurious lifestyle, and I’ve shown them how to do it while at the same time saving them money. You no longer have to be a victim of Powerphobia and live a miserly lifestyle. Contact my office today for a free, no pressure quote for Solar & Storage for your home or business, and let us show you how to cure your Powerphobia, and recapture the lifestyle you once enjoyed!