Solar & storage is not a one-size-fits-all proposition, so at 180 Solar Power we use a proven four step process to custom fit our customers’ one-of-a-kind solar & storage systems to their special needs.


Step 1 - Analysis

 Every solar & storage system installed by 180 Solar Power starts out with a visit or teleconference from one of our trained technicians who performs a property evaluation and energy consumption analysis, as well as a discussion of the customer’s goals. Based on the results of those meetings our technicians present options to our customers, and work collaboratively with them until our customers are comfortable with a solution. Because of the challenges presented by COVID-19, the initial analysis can all be conducted by phone, email and computer, so no one even needs to come to your home. 


Step 2 - Design

Once a custom tailored solution has been approved by a customer, the 180 Solar Power design team goes to work addressing architectural and engineering challenges to create a solar & storage system that will produce the greatest amount of power, while employing the most aesthetically pleasing design. When a final design is approved by a customer, plans are drawn up and submitted for permit approval. 180 Solar Power handles every aspect of the design and permit approval process, so our customers don’t need to worry about a thing.

Step 3 - Installation

Upon permit approval, the 180 Solar Power team will contact the customer to determine an installation date and schedule that is convenient for the customer. The installation process includes everything from the initial job walk with the customer, through final permit approval and interconnection to the grid. Every 180 Solar Power installation is conducted by our experienced, thoroughly trained installation crews, under the watchful eyes of one of our licensed electricians. 


Step 4 - Service

For most solar contractors, the relationship ends as soon as the job is done, and they collect your final payment. Not at 180 Solar Power. At 180 Solar Power, the completed installation of our customer’s solar & storage system is just the beginning. That’s not only because every 180 Solar Power system come with comprehensive warranties, but more importantly, because we stand behind all of our work. That’s just the way we believe business should be done. Its the 180 Solar Power way.

After working with us, our customers show their appreciation for our hard work and diligence by hiring us again and again, and by referring us to friends, family and co-workers. That is the true measure of the quality of a company, and those are the standards that we hold ourselves to at 180 Solar Power. Click here to learn more.

About us

180 Solar Power is a local family owned company that services residential, commercial, non-profit and government customers throughout southern California. 180 Solar Power is a licensed C-10 electrical and C-46 solar contractor.......Learn More