Not All Products Are Created Equal

Would you pay for a car without knowing the year, make and model? Of course not. However, many property owners never ask and are never told by their solar contractor what kind of solar panels and other materials are being installed on their property. The reality is that there is a wide spectrum of choices when it comes to solar panels and an even wider spectrum when it comes to quality.

Elements such as solar panel degradation, cell efficiency, warranty coverage, solar panel manufacturing processes and other factors will all have a significant impact on the performance of your solar system, and the ROI of your investment.

Many solar contractors cut corners by using cheap materials to improve their profit margins, and in doing so, they never meet the customer’s expectations, or fulfill the promises they made to the customer.

At 180 Solar Power we use only the highest quality, proven and tested products. All of our solar panels carry a minimum of a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty. We never cut corners, and our customers always know what’s being installed on their property before a work order is ever executed. Click here to find out more about the high quality products recommended by 180 Solar Power.

About us

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