If you’re ready to free yourself from the grip of utility based electricity and its never ending rate increases, and you’re looking for the best alternative, solar panels might offer you the solution you want. Solar power positions you to reduce or completely eliminate your current electricity bills, convert to clean renewable energy, and do so while taking advantage of substantial government incentives. The 180 Solar Power team of experts can help you learn more about solar power while you research all of your options. When you’re ready to get started, the information below will help you prepare for the three most common issues to address before the installation of your new solar system installation.

 Make Sure Your Roof is Ready for Solar Panels

 The high quality solar systems that we install can produce energy for decades, so if your roof needs an upgrade, or you have concerns about its integrity, it is best to address it before your solar system is installed. Installing solar on a bad roof will cost a homeowner thousands of additional dollars when it comes time to remove and reinstall the solar system later when you finally reroof. 180 Solar Power performs a complete roof analysis prior to the installation of every solar system, providing professional guidance to ensure the best long term outcome from your solar panel investment.

Trim Nearby Trees

Shade from any source will reduce the output of your solar panels. And while some causes of shade are not addressable (for example, shade from a neighbor’s house on your roof), others, such as shade caused by trees can be mitigated. Prior to every solar system installation 180 Solar Power performs a detailed shade analysis to determine if there are trees shading the area where the solar panels will be installed. If there are we will inform you of it and what the expected impact will be, so you have the option of addressing it.

Three Foot Clearance

Your local utility company will perform an inspection prior to authorizing you to turn on your solar system, which is known as Permission To Operate, or PTO. One of the most important things they will look for will be the 3 foot clearance required on both sides and in front of the electric panel. Many property owners have shrubs, fences, gates or other obstructions around or in front of their electric panel. It is best to address any such obstructions before inspection, as a re-inspection can add days or weeks to the granting of your PTO.

Let Us Take the Lead

 With more than 2,000 solar installations and 30 years of experience, the 180 Solar Power team knows and follows all building codes, safety precautions and installation requirements, so we can have you up and running, quickly and safely. Whether your property is residential, commercial, non-profit, or governmental, 180 Solar Power is ready to make your dream of alternative solar power a reality.