There is a good news bad news scenario that’s evolved in the solar industry in California.  The good news is that over a million property owners in California have installed solar panels on their homes and businesses.  However, the bad news is that hundreds if not thousands of solar contractors and installers who installed those systems have gone out of business, leaving tens of thousands of consumers holding the bag on completely non-functioning or only partially functioning solar systems.  And there is an entirely separate class of consumers that purchased solar systems from contractors and installers that are still in business that simply refuse to respond to their customers’ desperate calls for service. This has most likely happened to you or someone you know.

So it is with great excitement that 180 Solar Power is pleased to announce that we are stepping in to fill the void with the creation of two new full-time service divisions to serve you!  The first is a new solar panel cleaning and inspection division, and the second is a new repair and maintenance division.

On the repair and maintenance side, the professional trained technicians in our new repair and maintenance division have all the knowledge gained through years of solar and battery installation experience, but they no longer have solar and battery installations as their primary responsibility.  As such, this dedicated new division will shorten response times, and improve outcomes for all of our customers.  Microinverters, string inverters, solar panels, battery systems, EV chargers, solar panel removal and reinstallation, general wiring and electrical issues, and more, are all among the service issues we tackle.

On the cleaning and inspection side, routine inspection and cleaning of your solar system is crucial to maximizing the investment you made in it, and the power production you expect from it.  Dirty solar panels, defective inverters and optimizers, or faulty diodes, cables and connectors are just a few of the common issues that cause power loss or failure in your solar system, and you might not even know its occurring.  However, regular cleaning and inspection of your solar panels and equipment by a trained, experienced, solar technician can identify and fix problems; sometimes even heading them off before they occur.

Run of the mill window washers posing as “solar panel cleaners” can’t do that, and often cause more harm than good.  By conducting our specialized 8 Point Inspection at every cleaning, our customers have the peace of mind knowing that not only is their solar system clean and safe, but also that their solar system is performing at its peak production capability.  And the specialized deionized cleaning solution that we use provides maximum cleaning power without leaving a trace of mineral deposits or residue on your solar panels.  All of which ensures that you achieve the highest possible return from the investment in your solar system.

Lastly, remember that our team has decades of experience designing and installing solar and battery systems throughout southern California, and we continue to do that today, and we also still offer our referral program.  So if you or someone you know is thinking about adding a new solar and/or battery system make sure to contact us for a free quote.  As always, we remain Local, Proven, Trusted!