Lease Solar With No Money Down

Start saving money right away, with just your signature! 180 Solar Power has numerous lease financing options that allow you to install a solar system with little or no money down, and an affordable monthly payment. What are you waiting for? Click here now for a free consultation, and to learn more about your options.

Solar Lease Options

Solar leases are a vehicle that can cover 100% of the cost of a solar system with no money down. Most solar leases have a term of 20 years, and the property owner does not own the solar system, the leasing company (lessor) owns it. The lessor then sells the solar power that the solar system generates, to the property owner, in the form of a lease payment. Because the lessor is the owner of the solar system, they receive all of the government incentives, and as a result, most solar lease payments are based on the “net” cost of the solar system to the lessor; the cost of the solar system after all government incentives are deducted from the cost of the system. Therefore, a solar lease may be preferable to some property owners for several reasons. Those reasons sometimes include the inability to personally utilize the 30% Federal Tax Credit, debt ratio (DTI) or income documentation challenges, or simply the appeal of the 20 year bumper to bumper warranty that most leasing companies offer. For those property owners there are two primary types of solar leases; monthly and prepaid.

1) Monthly Leases

typically give the property owner the option of choosing a fixed monthly payment, known as a “Zero Escalator”, or choosing a lease payment that will increase at a predetermined percentage every year, which is known as an “Escalator”. Most Escalators increase anywhere from 2-3% per year, with the escalation percentage pre-determined and fixed prior to the commencement of the lease. Escalator solar leases typically start out with a significantly lower monthly payment than a Zero Out solar lease, thereby making them more attractive to property owners who are payment sensitive, or who are planning to sell the property within 5 to 10 years of installing the solar system. Zero Out solar leases typically have a higher initial payment, but the payment is fixed for the entire term of the lease, and the total of the payments is usually lower than the total payments of an Escalator solar lease, thereby making them more attractive to property owners who plans to stay in the property long term.

2) Prepaid Leases

are just that. Instead of making monthly solar lease payments for the entire term of the lease, the property owner makes one large lump sum payment at the start of the lease, which pays for the entire lease, and they never make another payment for the rest of the lease period. That lump sum payment is typically based on the lessor’s net cost of the system, which is then adjusted to reflect the discount value of money over time. This is a great option for the property owner who has a large sum of cash available to them, as this will usually give them the lowest total cost of any of the solar lease options.

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