The true measure of the quality of a company is not the business they do, but the referral business and repeat business they do. That’s why at 180 Solar Power we take tremendous pride in the number of referrals and repeat customers we get. Nothing could speak louder about the quality of our company and our work than that.

And not only do we appreciate the friends, family and co-workers that our customers refer to us, but we also reward our customers for referring jobs to us by paying them a $500 referral reward. In fact, anyone that refers a new customer to 180 Solar Power, that results in the installation of a new solar system, is rewarded with a $500 referral reward after the new solar system is installed. So don’t wait. Call us now, or or click here to submit your next referral. Its a win-win-win for you, them and us!


Would you reccomend 180 Solar Power to others?

“Not only would I…I already have! I have two business associates I work with and they have both gone with 180 Solar Power.” 

Ed A. of Winchester, CA

About us

180 Solar Power is a local family owned company in San Diego, and is a licensed California C-10 and C-46 contractor. Our solar installation experts offer decades of experience and the expertise......Learn More